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Who we are:

"Monkeys at the Market" is our fun little venture at the mind-blowing Rochester, NY Public Market.


After selling her crazy-popular Syracuse University campus restaurant 15 years ago, Leah started Cheeky Monkey Foods and enjoyed displaying her fabulous Tomato Oils and spice concoctions at farm markets all over the East Coast.

One of the first few NYS businesses asked to participate in the Taste NY program, she's thankful to have been included in 100s of events like NYC Wine & Food Fest, Chelsea Piers Food Shows, tv interviews and many, many similar curated showcase events.

Currently, Cheeky Monkey products can be found in over 240 retailers including wineries, eateries, pizzerias, grocers and even outdoor shops ( think Pixie Dust at your campfire..... )

It became obvious that she needed to show her love for humanitarian efforts and early childhood interests through her newest venture - 2 Monkey Foods.....stay tuned!

THEN she visited the Rochester Public Market a few years ago and that was it.

Falling in love with Rochester instantly, she dove right into the diversity of the market and can find her & lots of other fun monkeys @ Public Market on Saturdays from 7-2, Spaces B-52 & 54 - across from Great Ocean Seafood.

Come see us!  It's always a good  ( if very cheeky ) time! 

Lots of love ❤️

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